DIAMOND – My Dear Old Black Bic 3

Bic su carta / Ballpoint pen on paper

35 x 50 cm, 2012


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Artist info


During the early childhood, he shows a talented propensity for drawing, this innate gift for figurative forced him to attend art school, then graduating as master of painting at the Fine Arts Academy in Rome. Since 1993 he is active as writer and on the road, with his first name, Heroin (SHM), he carries out research on the lettering style that still can be seen in some underground places, such as the Forte Prenestino and some quarters as Trastevere, in the heart of Rome. In 1998, he has some legal problems caused by this illegal passion that stimulate Diamond to undertake new research and open to the figurative, but never forgetting the letter. This new path, that celebrates the female figures, makes him to conquer the primacy of Italian pioneer of Street Art, accompanied by members of the TTS, his crew on which were part Greco and JBrock.  His first works of street art were on adhesive paper, support that guarantees him the virality of the act, typical inwriting, but they represent only the beginning of a long history that alternate stencil technique and free hand. From that moment, Diamond has never stopped to investigate and deal with always different media and techniques, each choice treated according to their characteristics. Its stroke is unmistakable, as well as the tools he used to make it. Bic, marker, spray and brush are perfect for his versatility and his continous desire to play and overcome new levels, new challenges. This is the continuous research of the artist that works on adhesive side to reach posters, and then return, as in the time of writing, to directly act on the wall. Its entry into the exhibition circuit occurs thanks to the occupied spaces. One of his first works takes place at the International Poster Art, organized by Lucamaleonte, Sten and Lex, the social center ESC in 2006. After so many years is to thank these spaces thath collaborate in the project of Occupied Museum, by exposing at Garagezero in 2011 posters born to be located in the city as a gift to the people, giving the chance to turn on a new cultural engines. These posters immediately flown in other cities after the shows, from Paris to Niceville, Florida. From posters, the challenge goes to surfaces increasingly large and Diamond intervenes in Rome in 2012 with a live painting on the walls of CAE (Casa dell’Alta Economia). The work of this prolific artist soon became known and appreciated not only by the Italian public but also from the international scene, thanks to the participation in various Street Art festivals. He went in Bristol for Upfest (2012), in Monaco for Stroke Art Fair (2011 and 2013) and Eindhoven for the Step in the Arena Festival (2012). During his complex production, Diamond has never ceased to alternate illegal actions, scattered mainly in the area of Rome, frame a favorite of his works in exhibitions in consolidated circuits gallery shows and museum, where at every opportunity gives proof of its technical capabilities of the highest level. In recent years, the work of Diamond were housed in institutional realities as the MACRO and MACRO Pelanda (Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome), and at the home of Architecture in Rome, former Roman Aquarium, where he made a job site specific celebrating the oriental culture enlivening the streets of the Esquilino district. May 2013 is the month that highlights the work of Diamond through two distinct realities: the first at the Museo di Roma in Trastevere, with the exhibition A Ruina Resurrexit, and the second at the Gallery Varsi, where the series My Dear Old Black Bic, exposes only the work done with ballpoint pen on paper, for the first time all present in an exhibition dedicated to a great passion of Diamond: Bic pen.