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Ink on paper
37 x 44,6 cm, 2018

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Marco Barbieri, better known as DEM, was born in Codogno in 1978. Like a modern alchemist, DEM creates weird characters, surreal creatures, inhabitants of invisible layers in the world of humans. Eclectic and funny, through wall-paintings, illustrations, paintings on canvas rich in allegorical language, he lets the viewer find the key to that enigmatic and arcane world. The approach to anthropological themes related to nature stimulate the artist in a constant experimentation, reached in recent years to the production of a film and the creation of installations made-up entirely of natural materials. Besides painting in condemned buildings and forests, ideal background for his works, DEM has also been guest artist at Goteborg's Oro Gallery, and taken part in exhibitions such as Street Art, Sweet Art (PAC, Milano), Nomadaz (Scion Gallery, Los Angeles) and CCTV (Apostrophe Gallery, Hong Kong).

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Signed by the artist

This screen print is produced exclusively for Galleria Varsi in collaboration with 56 Fili, for the 2018 solo show “Eternal Little Goddess“ at Galleria Varsi.

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