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LIBRI FINTI CLANDESTINI – Livelli / Hand-made book

Realized with screen printed paper by:

108, Graphic Surgery, Tellas, Sten Lex, Zedz

Limited edition of 23 – Each one is a unique series

21,5 x 15,5 cm

Artist info


108 (Guido Bisagni) was born in Alessandria in 1978. He started painting approaching to traditional graffiti, using several pseudonyms. At the end of the 90s he has evolved both formally and conceptually and he becomes one of the first european post-graffiti artists working with abstract forms, painting large and mysterious figures that invade abandoned spaces. He was the first writer to use numbers instead of letters for his name. His work has appeared on the streets of Milan, Paris, London, Berlin, New York City, San Francisco... It was his firm intention to make visual chaos, warking also with 3D objects, sounds and installations. In 2004 he was invited to Paris for Nusign 2.4 One of the first international exhibitions about street art and in 2005 he took part to the Urban Edge Show in Milan. Finally in 2006 he graduated from the Polytechnic of Milan following design courses. in 2007 he was invited to join the project called Walls inside the Biennale di Venezia. During March 2008 he flew to Los Angeles with Eltono, Dem, Microbo and other artists to represent Europe in the U.S.A. during the Nomadaz exhibition. "As the street-art boom gained momentum during the early years of the twenty-first century, however, 108 found himself becoming increasingly dismayed by the often banal route it appeared to be taking. In contradistinction, he started to re-explore the abandoned buildings and factories in Alessandria that he had frequented during his youth. The combination of stark concrete walls and rationalist architecture he encountered there, together with the practical necessity of producing something both cheaply and quickly (a factor that had also inspired his use of adhesive stickers), led to the next stage in his artistic journey, what we might call 108’s “black period.”"  (Rafael Schacter on His "World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti") Whether it be within the confines of a small room in the abandoned monastery, where the large triangular constructions are most effective and have the effect of warping and playing with the room’s dimensions as the viewer attempts to back away and comprehend the pieces, or as a surreal floating void on a wall beside a busy road. Colors appear again like small pieces that sleep inside the black. 108 collects many solo exhibitions around Italy and Europe, he took part to many of the contemporary festivals and exhibitions like the first Biennale of Urban Art in Moscow (2014) or Mapping the City at the Sumerset house of London (2015).

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Graphic Surgery

Graphic Surgery is a collaborative art duo of Dutch artists Erris Huigens and Gysbert Zijlstra, who share the same passion for graphic, graffiti, modern cities and urban environments. Born 4 days apart from each other, in 1978, Erris and Gysbert discovered this mutual source of inspiration during their educative years at an art academy, and started collaborating in 2000. The work of Graphic Surgery includes paintings and mixed media on canvas, murals in abandoned places and spaces, videos and installations, all created in their signature systematic style of diagonal lines, abstract geometric planes and a mostly monochromatic black and white scheme. Some elements are recurring in their works, such as linear industrial structures and construction cranes. Main focus of their art is on material, depth and layering, and very limited use of color. Different forms and productions of Graphic Surgery owe as much to the urban environment that surrounds them as they do to the history of modern art and design, with De Stijl and Constructivism being clear reference points. Their work has been exhibited in numerous group shows and street art festivals throughout the Netherlands, and also in Paris, Brussels, and Luxemburg. At the moment, Graphic Surgery duo is collaborating on various projects with interaction and multimedia artists. In addition, they run the design agency EHGZ. Graphic Surgery duo is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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Sten (Rome, 1982) and Lex (Taranto, 1982) are among the most internationally renowned street artists in the world. The Italian duo has developed an unique technique, the halftone stencil, which allows them to create poetic and powerful pieces influenced by op-art. Sten and Lex first met at the end of medical studies in Rome, while taking a radiology course together. They were profoundly inspired by the material potential of x-ray film, and it was during class that they first began to cut out the skeletal forms, a process which foreshadowed their current practice. Sten and Lex’s artistic careers began in 2001, when they produced their first figurative pieces, mainly portraits. Experimenting with the style and technique, Sten Lex developed a collection of silhouettes created from free hand cut outs drawn on paper and contained in glass, working with the idea of a “shadow-stencil”, the projection of an organic image, altered by the changing light. Their works on wood incorporates the evidence of the technique, the strips of paper that were previously discarded, now hang as part of the final work giving it an indisputable aesthetic element. The duo has revolutionized the technique by changing the status of the stencil from static to dynamic. Sten Lex has exhibited in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Oaxaca (MX), the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome (IT), the Caradente Museum in Spoleto (IT), the Centre de la Gravure et de l’Impage imprimée (BE), the Street Art Museum in Saint Petersburg (RU) and La Condition Publique in Roubaix (FR).

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Tellas was born in Cagliari, Sardinia, in 1985 and he studied in Bologna, at the Academy of Fine Arts. Grown up in Sardinian’s harsh lands, Tellas’ research is based on a non-urban aesthetics, his works are a personal and intimate vision of the elements of natural landscapes. A meditative process that combines space and shape characterise his work. All his works can be seen as studies performed on a wide array of “supports”, from a big wall, a piece of paper or a canvas to an installation like the one created for the project “Spettro”. Listed as one of the 25 most interesting street artists worldwide by the Huffington Post US in 2014, Tellas develops his art in various fields: drawing, painting, installations, printing techniques, audio-video productions. His last solo show “Tropico” opened in October 2017 at Magma Gallery in Bologna (Italy). Artworks are inspired by suggestions and memories of a long trip through the state of Queensland (Australia) where he also had the opportunity to work on different mural projects among which a big wallpainting called “The Barrier”, for the city of Townsville. In October 2016 he presented a new body of works for the solo exhibition “Clima Estremo” at Wunderkammern Gallery in Rome. In the same year he took part in the “Public” festival in Perth, Australia, “Upea16” in Finland and a collective show at Magma Danysz gallery in Paris. 2015 was the year of his first solo show “This quiet, harsh land”, hosted by the Mini Galerie in Amsterdam. Moreover, Tellas was featured in The Urban Contemporary Art Guide 2015 edit by Graffiti Art Magazine together with a selection of the 100 artists who hit the year 2015 worldwide. In November 2015, after his first collaboration with MARNI in 2011, he developed a brand new project with the italian fashion label for “Becoming MARNI”, presented at the 56th Venice Biennale. After one month long art residency in Brasil togheter with Roberto Ciredz, Tellas worked on public murals and installations which were recorded into the documentary “ A grande terra do Sertão”. France is again home of another of his works in 2014 in Besançon for the “Bien Urbain” festival. In 2014, Tellas’ exhibitions take place at the Mini Galerie with “Apertura”, followed by his participation to “Artmosphere”, the first Street Art Biennale in Moscow, along with more than 70 artists from all over the world. Tellas’s art has been shown in several projects and exhibitions both on national and international ground. Among these, “La Tour Paris 13 Project” considered as one of the most innovative contemporary art projects. In 2012 he is invited at “Le 4 mur Festival” in Niort, France, where he also has the chance to showcase his personal exhibition called “Parasitism”. His participation to international festivals and collaborations with European and international contemporary artists are countless. In 2011, as mentioned, Tellas collaborates for the first time with MARNI and this collaboratio leads to the production of “on Marni”, an animated video, followed by the exhibition “Welcomes you to the world of Tellas” in occasion of Art Basel in Miami, Florida. Later that year, he holds the workshop “The Shape and the Space” at the K.I.R. in Stavanger, Norway during NUART festival. In 2010, he joins forces with the illustrator Martina Merlini and creates “Asylum”, a work in progress that explores the birds microcosm through different exhibitions. Tellas works and lives in Rome.

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Zedz was born in Leiden (NL) in 1971. After finishing high school and making graffiti in the public space for several years Zedz starts study at the Gerrit Rietveld Art Academy in Amsterdam and graduates in 1998. Since then he works as an independent artist/designer. Zedz's work mainly consists of abstracted typography, the dimensional approach and style of lettering could be considered his artistic signature. By interfering in public space with huge mural paintings and his recent installation works involving the audience as an integral parto of his work, his work is getting more and more socially engaged. Zedz, also known as Ronald van der Voet, is making graffiti since the mid eighties and his current work is in its essence still strongly related to the pure format of "writing culture" and graffiti while at the same time it is researching and exploring new ways and formats. Whilst not losing touch with some key graffiti principles the work is pushing and pulling the boundaries, crossing over and turning limitations into advantages, generating new thoughts and ideas concerning the topic of expressive lettering and the way we use the urban landscape and take our surroundings for granted. The collaboration with MU (Maurer United Architects) 1999-2002 is a good example of Zedz's more unconventional approach and research methods, and shows how zeds's work walks a thin line between for instance graffiti and architecture. The experimental collaboration resulted in several proposal for "graffiti architecture" which is actually an invention made un in this creative process. In the later stadium this early research resulted also into a series of - temporary - monumental sculptures in the public space functioning as street forniture. the works could be best described as crossover between graffiti and its dimensional environment (architecture) and by creating these works it seems Zedz is exchanging spray cans for building materials which is in some sense also the direction he chooses in his more illustrative studies and studio works. Since his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Zedz is working n the public space (outdoors) and is exposing work to the public through a more or less underground scene as well as through a more established exhibition/gallery scene. The public installations have appeared on several occasions in diverse European cities and smaller communities (Tunis, Prague, Rome, Manchester). Fields of Zedz's interest are architecture, design, street art and graffiti, public space, philosophy, fashion, robots, the relation between design and physical experiences, interaction design and interaction between different disciplines. The motivation for creating his work is to research his topics in depth and share knowledge.

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This book has been created using production cuttings of paper screen printed by 108, Graphic Surgery, Tellas, Sten Lex and Zedz in collaboration with 56Fili on the occasion of “Livelli 3rd edition” exhibition from 2018. 
Each book is therefore a unique series, containing excerpts of the works of the five artists.

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