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M-CITY – 765

Mixed media on canvas
100 x 150 cm, 2014



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M-City born in 1978 in Gdynia is graphic and street artists. Graduated from the Department of Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, where he is currently assistant to the course of painting studio of Prof. Jerzy Ostrogórski. His creative output is primarily focused on the urban fabric of the world. His murals can be seen on the streets of many cities, in countries such as Slovenia, Germany, Poland, Brazil, Spain, Thailand, England, Belgium, France, Australia, Serbia, Turkey, Indonesia, Finland, USA, Tunisia and many yet. Back in Italy for his first solo Roman and for the construction of a wall, with the technique that made him famous: the stencil.

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Signed by the artist

This artwork was produced exclusively for Varsi Lab, for the 2014 solo show “Beautiful Crash” at Galleria Varsi.

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