2501 – Plants of Gods V

Hahnemuhle ivory paper, 300 gm.
50 x 70 cm, 2021


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Milan-born artist 2501 works in a wide variety of mediums, including painting, installation, sculpture, photography, and film. Embarked in a quest for blank spaces, 2501 experiments with lines, shapes, and motion in free compositions that show strictness all the while breaking art codes. At the age of 20, he settled in Sao Paulo to teach painting to shantytown children, after studying Cinema and video editing in Milan and Visual Communication at the New Bahaus University of Weimar, Germany. His multidisciplinary approach led him to take on a documentary approach which evolved toward the Nomadic Experiment project, a series of international exhibitions, and a decennial digital archive focused around countercultures, communities, points of view, and experiments all over the world. 2501’s site-specific and socially committed work in constant dialogue with urban topography, mainly takes the form of murals, among which specific mural projects carried on in Los Angeles, Miami, Sao Paulo, Milan, Roma, Detroit, Chicago, Ulan Bator, New York, Atlanta, Kyiv. Always on the move due to a career that leads him to answer the calls of various art institutions and fairs around the world, he took part in numerous public art festivals like O.BRA, Living Walls, ALTrove, Art United Us, Artmossphere Biennale, Walk&Talk, Wabash Arts Corridor, Outdoor, Mural, Traffic Design, Painted the Desert Project. His art and process serve as an investigative conduit between an individual who has absorbed a number of principles from classical art and the application of them in a contemporary environment. He enjoyed many solo shows, among which La Macchina, at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Lissone, On the Brink of Disaster at Wunderkammern Gallery of Rome, See You On The Other Side and Anatomy of Restlessness at Soze Gallery in Los Angeles, Freedom of Choice at Celaya Brothers Gallery in Mexico City. Utilizing an approach that can be both primitive and sophisticated, the repetition of exploratory and evaluative line work is highlighted by 2501’s sensitivity to the relationship of the exacting details of surface and applicant. Equally important are the dynamics of open-air, empty spaces, and established structures or derelict buildings. The symbiotic relationship between positive and negative space is always at play, as each element swaps real estate back and forth.

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Signed by the artist.

“This project draws its origin from the publication of the first Italian version of “Plant of Gods” by Albert Hofmann and Richard Evans Schultes, edited by Venexia Editrice. This book, first published in 1979, traces the tradition of psychoactive herbs, investigating their significance in shaping culture and history.

After the experience in the Amazon rainforest, the artist pays homage, through these series of unique edition screenprint-monotypes, to the shamanic practice and the natural soul of central Peru. 

The artist gets his inspiration from the traditional Peruvian culture and makes it part of his artistic path: in a single gesture, the colors are impressed on the paper and are mixed together, calling to mind the colors of water, earth, and sky of Peru that blend on the peaks of the Rainbow Mountains and among the waters of the Rio Ucayali.

The relationship between static and dynamic space, a key element in 2501’s research, here takes on new contours and evolves once again, loading itself with meanings and suggestions that move sinuously on the paper and tell us of distant places and traditions.”

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