Varsi is happy to present LIBRI ANOMALI 1st release: "I Tarocchi Canemorto"

Those of you who know and follow Canemorto‘s work will surely have heard about the dog-like divinity called Txakurra. This mysterious fetish, whose roots can be identified in kozo, a spirit that has the features of a dog, connects the world of the living with that of the dead, and is present in many religions of central Africa. Cerberus from Greek mythology probably derives from it.

Among the innumerable divination practices that the trio has developed for the cult of Txakurra, the most renowned is the Canemorto Tarot. Which has been used so far only in private sessions with all documentation strictly forbidden until now and jealously guarded by the three group members.

Thanks to the collaboration with Fabricio Villanuzzi, researcher and one of Canemorto’s most trusted followers, and the specialized assistance of Venexia Editrice, Varsi is pleased to present the very first edition of these fascinating esoteric maps, enriched by detailed descriptions that will help you perform a personal divination.

Unlike traditional tarot cards that have 22 major arcana, the Canemorto Tarot has 24 arcana, following the strict rule of Txakurra which states that all numerology associated with the cult must be divisible by three. Personal readings are very simple: you must throw the 24-sided dice attached to the book three times.

Each number corresponds to a tarot; the tarot associated with the first number obtained represents the past, the second number is the present and the third number is the future. The Canemorto trio expressly states that should number 3 be obtained three times in a row, it is highly advisable to contact them.

“I Tarocchi Canemorto” represents the first release of LIBRI ANOMALI (Anomalist Books): a project created by the art laboratory Varsi Lab in cooperation with the designer Paola Pompili (SHE.LAB). The two have been working together since 2013, producing Varsi Editions art catalogs.

LIBRI ANOMALI is the natural evolution of these editions and is an experimental project dedicated to publishing art books different from traditional books. Anomalist is in fact the most suitable adjective for these unusual and unconventional volumes dedicated the fans of the genre.

LIBRI ANOMALI are small limited editions manufactured inside the printing workshop, bound by hand and produced in collaboration with various renowned national and international artists.