Luis Gomez de Teran (aka Gomez) was born in Caracas (Venezuela) in 1980. He has lived in London, Berlin and Rome, where he now resides.

 Gomez’s art is intensely symbolic and draws its inspiration from Baroque painting, in particular from the school of Caravaggio. His favourite themes are mythological, with particular reference to Greek and Christian mythology. His precise trait is inspired by his research on the human body both in moments of beauty and in those of decay and, above all, by what transpires from the human soul in the instants in which right emerges from wrong, and good from evil.

His accurate and attentive technique searches symmetry and light, always availing itself of contrasts and of the powerful dichotomy between beauty and horror, strength and weakness, winners and losers, freedom and slavery, life and death. Gomez is mostly self-taught in his use of oils, acrylics or the cans he uses to paint canvases, walls, iron or mirrors.

Gomez has realized walls in many cities, including Rome, Berlin, London, Barcelona and Mumbai.

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