Ema Jons (Como, Italy, 1985) took a more subversive approach. Originally from northern Italy, he moved to the deep south of Palermo, making it his adopted city. Ema Jones painted the walls with his visionary and surrealist characters in Ballarò and Borgo Vecchio, popular districts near the port area.

According to him, his career began as a street artist at the age of six when he drew on walls with chalk stolen from school. His style effectively blends quick and generous strokes with a palette that combines colors for disturbing paroxysms and dreamlike delusions.
The articulated bodies, rubbery and boneless, occupy the surface without gravity, and the palette of vivid tones makes them even more alien in appearance, mixing Picassian compositions with the vehemence and angularity of the German art movement Die Brücke.

His research starts with graffiti art and muralism and he has been investigating painting, sculpture, and drawing since 2005.