Dulk was born in Valencia (Spain) in 1983.

He studied at the Institute of Illustration and Graphic Design in Valencia, and completed his studies in Belgium, the country where he moved to live and that affected all of his artistic production.

Dulk’s passion for Flemish paintings led him to carry out extensive researches on landscapes and their various components, an experience which is evident in the structure of his art.
Dulk mixes Flemish painters’ mannerisms with bizarre and ironic images, characterized by deep emotional sincerity. The artist builds fantastic sceneries, with richly detailed fantasy worlds to be explored, in which viewers can lose themselves and dream.

His art is present in Valencia, Brussels, Barcelona, Turin, Berlin, Maastricht, Toulouse, Cordoba, Madrid, Monaco, Paris, New Jersey, Chicago, Vancouver, and Seville. Dulk also participated to Art Basel in Miami.
This international artist puts animals and nature at the center of his aesthetic research, always elegantly expressed and portrayed in a funny and paradoxical language.