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Daniele Tozzi

Daniele Tozzi (aka Pepsy) born in 1981 in Rome, where he lives and works.
In the second half of the nineties came into contact with the underground culture and especially with the writing, a passion that will change his life by pushing it to the world of graphics.

He currently works as a graphic designer in the web, creating branding for companies and individuals. Over the years, keeps alive the love for the study of the letters that processes as an art form, first expressing exclusively on the walls with a tag that made him famous, secret identity, he preserves the press to protect themselves legally and who for fifteen years is present on the streets of various cities. His search leads him to experiment calligraphic disparate typesetting, hiding quotes songs and slogans that determine the cultural background of the artist.

photo frame by Daria Gennai

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