Sepe was born in 1982 in Warsaw, Poland, where he is currently carrying out his artistic research and working as freelance graphic designer and illustrator.

In the ‘90s, fascinated by the explosion of graffiti, he experimented with lettering and started expressing himself on the walls of his city. He then moved on to create a pictorial style that reflects his critical vision of today’s society, focusing on the distortion of the human figure.

Sepe was self-taught until the age of twenty-four when he decided to join the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. There painting meets and blends with graphic signs and aesthetics of poster design, to generate original creative solutions on paper, cloth and wall surfaces. To create his works, Sepe blends a variety of media including sprays, acrylics, inks, bituminous pastes, pencils and markers, combining various techniques with great artistic insight.

Modern man is at the center of Sepe’s research, where he is presented in the schizophrenic facets of intense compositions as fragmented and deformed, ironic and grotesque.

In recent years the artist has painted large murals in France, Spain, Germany, England, Norway, Georgia, Albania, United States, Russia and other countries. He has done four personal exhibitions at the SOON Gallery in Zurich, the Lawrence Alkin Gallery in London, the Baraka Gallery in Krakow, and the Viuro Gallery in Warsaw and has participated in collective exhibitions around the world.